Trip to Disneyland!

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Here are some precious pics of our fabulous four from this weekend:

We were so blessed with a wonderful trip to Disneyland with the kids this past weekend.  It was fun, fun, fun and at the end of it…we were all pretty worn out and sleepy!  We were sad to leave…wondering if we would ever be back again….but SO glad to enjoy God’s blessings when they are poured out like that!

God is teaching me to learn to live in plenty…and to live in need.  For some reason, it has always been easier for me to learn to live in need…but it has been the learning to live in plenty that has been so hard.  Learning to live without in a world of plenty…to show that self control in the midst of so much excess…so much temptation…and so many options.  And also learning to accept God’s blessings and enjoy them when they come…and then to live without with a turn of the hand….living each moment as He wants us to live.  It isn’t easy…but it is wonderful to live this life to its fullest in each moment as He leads us to live.  I LOVE living life to its fullest…whether it is with watermelon and water balloons…or a trip to Disneyland with every possible kid’s dream available at a hand’s reach.  I think at our kid’s age..they are pefectly content with watermelon and water balloons!  But, they did have a blast on our trip!!!  And so did we.  Brian and I teamed up and had so much fun too 🙂

Coming back home this time in the middle of the desert was easier than it ever had been before.  I was excited to come back home and see what God has planned for us in the future.  We are praying HARD for some important decisions that need to be made for our future right now…and I cannot WAIT to see what God has planned…no matter what it is.  I KNOW God’s plans and purposes for our family are beautiful and good and AMAZING…just as His plans for all His children are.  And I am anticipating His next move…wondering what it might be?  I am content to see His plan unfold…ever so slowly 🙂 ….and gently.  He is a patient God.  A just God….but very patient.

Before this trip to Disneyland, God taught me a very important parenting tip…to tell my kids about exciting things about to happen…just before they happen…and not too soon before that!  I think God is doing the same things in our lives right now too.  He’ll tell us what we need to know and when we need to know it.  And truly, my heart can’t manage too much more than that 🙂

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