Hannah update!!!

Another Hannah update 🙂

We had to go see Hannah’s sweet pediatrician to update her EFMP before we move in DEC and we received GREAT news!!!!  Hannah no longer needs to be in the EFMP program!  She is all caught up and doing FANTASTIC!!!  The braces are helping to fix her ankles and everything else has caught up to her age now.  What a sweet gift from the Lord.  He told me to trust Him all along the way…no matter what…and the sweet, sweet, glory of everything is all HIS.  Thank-you Jesus for an A ok report from her doctor.  That has been a journey for us with both kids and it is SO good when we have finally received that report with both our children.  Amen!

Tomorrow, I travel a 4 hour round trip to see how her ankles are doing with those braces!  One step at a time and He is taking care of every detail.

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