Never-ending Joy

One of the ways joy comes to me always is in obedience.  Obedience, wherever I am, to what God wants me to do in that moment.  It isn’t any pre-set idea of how I am supposed to behave or how things are supposed to go…it is simply seeking His will for me in each and every moment.  Sometimes, I can give a lot because I am trusting God a lot.  Sometimes, I can give a little, because it has been a rough day.  But, no matter where I am, God meets me there and tells me what I need to do in that moment.  He brings forth His Word in my mind, His Word that has been planted in my heart over time, and speaks truth into my situation and heart.  And then, I know what I need to do.  Obey.  Sometimes, it is really tough to do that.  But, I know, that obedience always brings joy.  And that is the Joy I am seeking after!  HIS JOY.  Sometimes, it is a brimming full of smiles kind of joy…othertimes, it is a joy deep within that settles and uplifts my soul.

Today has been joyful.  Things haven’t gone perfectly…we’ve had disasters and setbacks…and sleepy heads (including myself!)….we’ve been late to things…but God’s presence has been deeply felt…His love has overwhelmed us…His grace has prompted us to obey…His faithfulness has amazed us.

Lewis has been talking about the Lord all day today (one of the ways I know God’s presence is with us!).  He said today that his sweet bulldozer, who he’s named Katy, is safe within a cross that he made for her, and that she is going to snowplow all the clouds in heaven with Jesus because she believes in Jesus and she is going to heaven 🙂

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