A Calling beckoned by Grace…

I am SEEING God’s grace all over our lives right now.  It fills me with so many different emotions.  One of sadness that we are so far from His grace.  One of Joy, that He loves us and gives us His endless grace anyway.  One of regret that I didn’t try harder in the past to be obedient to His loving ways.  One of relief knowing that He doesn’t remember any of it…He deliberately forgets and moves us closer and closer to Him.

Lately, I am feeling propelled further into our calling…but still very unsure of what it is exactly.  God is hiding much of it still…and waiting for a time to reveal it to us.  I am waiting in anticipation!  I feel moved closer and closer to Him over the years….as He brings us to crossroads often…requiring us to make a choice to choose Him or stray from the path (and feel some pain for it…).   Sometimes I know I have to choose Him….many other times, I want to choose Him.

You see, He is beckoning us closer to Him.  And we are choosing to follow.  It is requiring so many tough choices, but His blessings pour out as we choose to obey.  Blessings that keep mulitplying.  Occasionally I have moments where I wonder, “Do we really have any choice in this matter?”  What I know is that God is good.  He is sovereign.  He is just.  He is holy.  He is love.  I am trusting in His heart when I am confused.

I look around at all the different aspects of our lives and all I see is overwhelming grace.  His grace propels us forth.  It is His calling…whatever it may be…and it shall be done.  I pray that we might have willing hearts…obedient hearts…prayerful, loving, and praising hearts….humble hearts…knowing, without a doubt, it is because of Him that we are what we are and we’re going where we are headed.  I don’t know where that is!  I have ideas…but I am truly wondering about it and trusting in Him.  May His will be done.

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