Precious time with Sweet Neighbors!

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God has blessed us with the most precious neighbors here!  On both sides 🙂  Yesterday, we traveled to the Huckleberry Finn Festival in Victorville with our neighbors and had such a wonderful time.  Our kids had a blast riding on ponies (Hannah was fine until she saw mommy…), played in the water park and playground, searched for nickels in straw 😉 , danced (Lewis style…spinning) in the grass to some kicken’ country music, ate yummy Festival Food, and enjoyed the sun!  Michelle, the mom of 3 lovely kids, has one of the greatest hearts to serve that I’ve ever seen, and has poured out her love on us and others around her.  I have cherished my time spent with her; getting to know her, sharing our hearts–trials and tribulations, learning from her, having a food co-op ;-), and watching our kids play together.  I have witnessed God’s blessings and work in her family over the past year and a half and I see His wonderful plans for them already beginning to unfold for the future.  It is awesome to see.  We wish we could take you with us to Kansas when we move!!!  What a gift it has been to share this time with you.  We love you Michelle, Jacob, Lauren, Isaiah, and Alyssa!!!

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