Selling Our Car!!!

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We are attempting to sell our car….Scoobydoo has got to go…and we are hoping someone will buy it.  It has been such a faithful car.  Would you know that it has never broken down on me?  No parts have ever broken (on their own)….nothing has ever caused me trouble with it….except once when I ran out of gas (pre-kids) as I thought that it could make it one more mile down the road to the gas station….poor Scuby!  That was driver error, as Brian would sweetly tell me…..Although my old car made it a bit further when the gas gauge reached Empty!  🙂  What a good car though.  The kids and I will miss it.  We are hoping to consolidate to one car…but we will have to see how that goes at our next assignment.  I can’t believe I might be driving big blue (monstrous truck of course)…but I did first meet Brian in his red toyota tacoma (a bit smaller than big blue)…and chuckled as I tried to climb in it with my high heels….and totally falling for the driver of that truck…what did I expect…than to be driving my biggest fear of a car someday…a big, high off the ground, (but a very pretty blue I must say and the trailer part can come in really handy when transporting things) TRUCK.  I am starting to fall for big blue though and I have been forced to drive it here and there…it is quite comfy and has lots of room for those kiddies 🙂  What more could I ask for 🙂  Brian adores it.  And I do too now…Here comes life with just big blue.

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