Father’s Day!!!

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We were so blessed to have Brian home for the night for Father’s Day…even though he was in rotation…and we will have him home tomorrow for his birthday too!!!  After experiencing so many special days away from each other…we are truly happy to have those days together now…even if only for a little bit of the day 🙂

I wasn’t sure what time he could be home…because it is so busy for him in the field and there is often no reception out there for cell phones…but I made a gamble and had a nice meal prepared…and took these pictures 10 minutes before he came home!  Yay!  He made it for his celebration!  It was a good gamble this time.

To the most amazing Daddy and Husband…he was truly our hero for this last rotation…he comforted me when he came home, even though he was exhausted…he listened to me talk for a while…out of my loneliness (and he really pays attention 😉 ), he served me with all his might…even though he just had his toenail removed..and it was aching so badly…he was the spiritual leader of our family…providing Godly guidance and counsel when we struggled…and supportive and understanding in parenting struggles.  He made me feel special each and every night he came home and prepared me for tough days and nights in the field with his gentle warnings. He was so thankful for his special Korean Father’s day dinner and each and every dinner I give him (I don’t think he’s ever complained…no matter how bad the food I cook is!).  I am in awe of him.  He is leading me closer and closer to my Savior and I think he is the greatest man on this earth!  And I cannot even begin to count the ways that he is an awesome daddy too!  He makes our kids feel so special and loved and he is probably the most tolerant man I know.  And he actually wants to have more kiddies with me!  🙂

Happy Father’s Day to you Brian.  You are simply amazing.

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