Trip to the Top of Mount Blackie!

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I wanted to take Lew Lew to the top of Mount Blackie the other day, because he has been asking to go again since his cousins left in April.  He loves to hike and had fun hiking with daddy on their camping trip to Big Bear too.  Daddy said Lewis was a trooper and hiked 3 miles with him!  It was a great idea to get him to sleep in their tent at night I think 😉

We started up the hill and met sweet hikers coming down who were SO encouraging and proud of Lewis going up.  Lewis told me twice on the way up that he was tired and it was hot and he wanted to go home.  I told him we were almost there and that if he tried not to bend down to touch every rock with his stick or rock in his hand, that he might save a little energy to make it to the top 🙂  He didn’t stop…but he did make it to the top with only a few water breaks!  I was so proud of him!  We went to the top to the cross…mommy said a few prayers (Lewis didn’t want to pray right then)…and Lewis asked to touch the cross.  I lifted him up climbing over the sharp, tall rocks to touch it  and then tried to bring him back down, but sliced my knee up a bit…(mommy led Lewis one way and Lew Lew went the other 😉 )….but then when Lewis got down, he looked at my bloody knee, said a prayer for me, and we headed back down the mountain with Lew pulling me fast as I hobbled down.  It was a fun time with my little man.

It was also a perfect trial week to see if homeschooling would work next fall having him around all the time.  He was AWESOME all week!  He’s grown up a bit and ready to be my little learner!

Isn’t it beautiful to see the panoramic view of where we live here at Fort Irwin?  You can even see the one long road (about 30-40 minutes to the closest small town) that leads away from the circle of desert mountains to freedom!  🙂  What a refuge and place of shelter this place has become to me though.  It is full of beauty and made by the wonderful and perfect Creator.

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