A beautiful blessing taken and given…

A beautiful rose, a beautiful blessing…

This rose means so much to me.  It will always be a reminder to me of the day my son was a wonderful blessing to someone who needed love that day.

Yesterday, I got to witness something that made my mommy’s heart brimming full of pride and joy.  A lady down the street, who has been through so much pain-physically and emotionally, who we have had a chance often to say hello to, promised a little while back, a beautiful rose from her rose garden in the front of her house (Lewis always asks about her garden and how she keeps it self watering and tells her he loves her roses).  Yesterday, although she was busy on the phone, she stopped and gave him one of her roses.  What a sweet blessing that was to Lewis!  He loved the rose!!!  And then he asked more questions about her garden….and then stopped, went up to her, and looked closely into her eyes and said, “I love you. Thank-you for my special rose.”  And gave her a big hug.  Her eyes and mine began to tear up…she asked for another hug when we said goodbye and Lewis giggled and ran off saying “No!”…and then came back and gave her one more hug.

I was so blessed to see my sweet son use his hands and words to be a blessing to others.  My heart was filled with joy.

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