My comforter, energizer, and encourager!!!

God has comforted me today…as I struggled yesterday.  Yesterday the Enemy attacked much of the day and I was downtrodden…and my body was hurting too…but the Lord lifted me up!  He lifted me up with victory in the moments of temptation, He lifted me up through friends who care so deeply…about me and the things that Jesus cares about….He lifted me up through my husband helping me, through memorizing a Scripture verse that has been speaking so clearly to me…and bringing me new understanding, He lifted me up with the kids being SO much better today 🙂 , He lifted me up with a refreshing run this morning, and the chance to have a sweet goodbye to a dear friend (who I will miss so much!).  I am learning to TRUST more as I see Him come through more and more.  It’s that thought in my head when things are tough…”I know the Lord is going to provide relief very soon…so I just need to keep going just a little longer…”  That thought keeps me from sinning in the moment…knowing He’s going to come through for me and rescue me from the temptation very soon.  It’s just around the bend.  And He’s stretching me…my limits…my tolerance…my patience…my understanding…but always providing relief when I need it.  And this is how we grow!  🙂  That’s what I always long to do.  Grow into a deeper relationship with Him.

Lewis told Brian yesterday, as a matter of fact, that Jesus was watching after “Wookin” today and that He was feeding him for us.  That was an interesting thought for me to take ahold of!  It’s so beautiful for me to see the caring, nurturing, loving heart Lewis has.  He’s already thinking of the unborn….or at least of the desire that he has for his new brother/sister to come into the world…even before he/she comes into mommy’s belly!  He truly is the sweetest brother and I know He would make a wonderful daddy someday if that is what God calls him to.  It it always refreshing and encouraging to see this sweet quality in my little boy.

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