I was always a bit timid of making vows to the Lord…as I never wanted to break them.  I think vows come from a genuine desire to give something to the Lord, out of true adoration, trust, and thankfulness.  God helps us keep these vows.  And they come, I think, at the perfect time to make them.  They come naturally…knowing that this vow that I am making is exactly what I need to be giving to the Lord right now.  There isn’t doubt or hesitation…but true confidence in the vow that I am making.  It is an act of love in recognizing the covenant that God has made with me (regardless of my unfaithfulness)…and an act of solemn commitment to the Lord…no matter the changes and temptations in my life.

God spoke through His Word to me of something He’d like me to do for Him.  It was something I felt moved to do in several different ways by the Lord…and then I read His Word over again and prayed and made certain…and then talked to my husband…and then decided.  It isn’t a huge sacrifice…but something I know the Lord wanted me to give up…just as He’s led me to give up other things over the years…that weren’t inherently bad…but were things I knew He wanted from me.

I am writing here to keep myself accountable and to also write some thoughts on vows in general.  They come from the heart, at the right time, led by the Lord, and confirmed by those whom God’s placed in our authority.  I am excited to see the Lord’s plan and why He wanted me to make this vow.

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