Embarking on a pilgrimage….

As we embark on our pilgrimage to Canada–a long trip there, a beautiful, pristine 2 weeks basking in God’s creation and with people we so dearly love and who so dearly love us…and then a long trip back…we are praying God’s grace over each step of our journey.  God has told us to go from strength to strength (His strength) in a dear Psalm to us as we were envisioning the journey.  He told us it would be a pilgrimage to HIM…HIS heart, things that HE loves, people HE loves…and to rely on His strength all throughout.  As we were looking at all the things in His Word that talk about strength…we found many.  We are going to rely on all these aspects of God to be our strength.  But three, we’d like to focus on:  HIS JOY (“The joy of the Lord is my strength”); HIS HOPE (“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength”); and WAITING on HIM.  Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord!  Would you pray with us?

We know THIS is going to be a trip of a lifetime!!!  Yeah!  We leave tomorrow to start our pilgrimage.  We cannot wait to SEE Jesus in everything before us and to walk through this earth hand-in-hand with our Saviour, enjoying Him, glorifying Him as He enables us, and learning from Him as our wonderful Counselor.  May God keep His Word near to us and to you out of His Amazing Grace.

Until our next entry… 🙂

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