A respite from the desert- A Trip to San Diego

“But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” -Psalm 81:16

Praise God that we have a God who delights in satisfying us and taking care of us so sweetly, gently, and lavishingly.  Isn’t He AMAZING???


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As I stood before the beautiful sandy beaches of San Diego on Coronado Island, a mentor had reminded me just a few days earlier that most references to water and oil in the Word refer to the Holy Spirit.  I needed a respite from the hot sun and dry air here in the desert. I needed to be re-energized by the Holy Spirit.  As I watched the waves flow back and forth on the sand…and heard and watched my sweet children’s squeals as they went into the ocean for the first time (Hannah)…and for Lewis, squealing as the water chased him up the beach….and watching the calm and peaceful expression on my wonderful husband’s face….they were at peace.  And I was too.  I was being re-energized by the Holy Spirit.  I was given many moments of sweet peace and rest this past weekend.  God brought forth the sweet honey from the rock for us…and satisfied us with some of the best that this world has to offer in beauty.

Before the trip, I prayed that God would show me areas in my marriage and parenting that needed work…I wanted to be a better wife and mommy…but oftentimes, am a bit unsure how to do this…so I just asked God…and He showed me.  It was a bit painful.  But, it’s getting easier to accept rebuke from the Lord in the areas of my life that need work.  I know that He’s not condemning and to change in these areas will be to receive NEW LIFE.  So, I am going to ask Him often.  I long to keep growing closer to Him always.  I know He will have me grow at His pace…a pace that He knows I can handle.  I am fully entrusted into His care.  The rebukes were strong…but not as painful.  I saw.  I heard.  I knew I needed to change…and I prayed that He help me change in those areas.

Isn’t it funny….and to me, a little scary, how there can be areas of one’s life that need changing totally unbeknownst to the person beforehand?  I am glad I see now.  And I know God will do all the work.  He’s been showing me I think…but now my eyes are open.  I’ve been longing for help with a particular parenting challenge too…and the Lord showed me how to handle this one on the trip back through my husband.  It was a tough challenge to figure out….and I was struggling…but God showed me so beautifully through my husband how to do it when it happens in the future.  This was so sweet to my soul.  I was so proud of my husband for handling a tough situation so beautifully, and gently…as I know the Lord would have Him handle it.

Lewis and Hannah had a blast!  We got to watch the 4th of July fireworks over Coronado Island…from an ice cream shop 🙂  Brian said it was a very sweet way to enjoy the fireworks 🙂  Hannah was so brave in the water….not wanting to go in at first….then the second time we went to the beach…she stared very intently for a bit…then she started in…and then plopped in!  She kept wanting to go further and further out into the water.  She loved it!  Lewis wanted to go full body in the water with mommy… 🙂  He loved playing with the sand and his new bucket toys from his sweet older friend down the street.  He gave flowers and leaves to the ice cream shop man, a woman we crossed paths with at the beautiful Coronado Hotel, and a waiter at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Hannah ate about 5 limes and a few raw onions while we were eating our dinner at the restaurant….and ate gobs and gobs of sand at the beach.  I will never understand her liking for sand!  Lewis and Hannah loved chasing birds and petting doggies at our favorite park on Coronado Island….they galavanted about in the beautiful fresh air and soft, perfect green grass below them.  And gave those birdies a run for their money!   I saw a big, strong tree in the center of the park…one whose roots surely grow deep into the ground…and the Lord was reminding me something He had been telling me lately: ‘Abide in me, and I will make your roots grow so deep into the ground that no fear, anxiety, or discouragement will move you or distract you from Me.’ 

We stopped at many of our favorite places….Lewis’ favorite water fountain (he loves all of them, but there is one that is his most favorite!), another fun park by the sidewalk by the ocean that we love to walk around…and ate some wonderful greek food (one of our favorites!) off the walk.  We also stopped at our favorite Asian food restaurant and our favorite pizza place…and to our surprise, found a table right away (this restaurant has the longest waiting list usually!).  He satisfied us with the finest wheat!

It was an amazing trip, and one of our favorite places to go.  There are so many beautiful houses there that I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of…but are so full of blooming flowers and intricate, indiviudal design.  Each house is so beautiful and particular to each family.  As we were leaving, I thought that it was very likely that we might not be able to go back before we leave….I soaked it in….all of it…and treasured it in my heart…each and every beautiful moment.  And was able to capture a few moments in pictures as well (althought this required a lot of running around to catch up with my energetic kids…who were not in the mood for any shots!).  Thank-you Jesus for this wonderful respite…for the flow of the Holy Spirit through our lives like those beautiful waves, for the sweet honey from the rock…and the finest wheat to taste, for the uplifting rebuke and prodding to change, and wonderful counsel from the Almighty Counselor, and the beautiful moments to rest and enjoy with my sweet, sweet family.

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