Sweet comfort and joy to my soul…

Much of my time with Lewis so far has been spent doing this:

Well spent time shepherding a sweet and tender heart

However, truly, if you train them up in the way they should go, when they are old, they won’t depart from it.  I really believe this promise in childrearing.  If we allow ourselves to be a vessel of the Lord to teach God’s commands and ways and love to our children…to disciple them…God’s commands and their knowledge of His love bring forth abundant fruit in their lives over time.  We are starting to see beautiful fruit with our kids…but there is much more time, wisdom, and transformation needed…  I do, however, have something beautiful to remember that happened on our trip to Canada…to treasure in my heart for always…one of the sweetest things that has been said to me about our children –A family relative and friend looked at Lewis standing on the dock, after spending some time with him and getting to know his joyful and fun little personality, said very genuinely and lovingly to him, “Lewis, I hope to have a child just like you someday.”

These moments make it all worth it.  This was a blessing from the Lord, so needed and treasured in my heart.  I can’t wait to see what this amazing little boy is going to turn out to be!  I learn more and more about him every day.  New revelations from the Lord bring new understanding to me and new ways of teaching, loving and discipling.  This is one of my greatest joys right now…in discipling these beautiful little hearts…and showing them how MUCH God loves them…and seeing His joy all over their faces.

Praise the Lord, O my Soul!!!

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