A night to remember for a lifetime!!!

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A new name added to the Book of Life!!!

A new member has joined the Kingdom of Heaven!!!

Lewis Alexander Tinklepaugh

July 31st, 2012 will always remain in my memory…Our sweet boy decided last night to ask Jesus to be his Savior.

Brian and I were a bit caught off guard.  Actually, it was a really tough day for all of us.  I was becoming more and more sick…coming back to Fort Irwin from vacation, the allergies hit me again (funny how I’ve never had them before…but they have hit me hard here)…and it developed into a sinus infection again.  Brian was a champ with the kids…but he was getting a bit weary…Hannah was particularly fussy and seemed like she was getting a bit sick too….and Lewis was being a downright stinker all day.  It was NOT the day I would have imagined my little one would make a decision to accept Jesus as His Saviour.

Lewis was talking to me about Jesus all day…and particularly thinking about prayer.  He was asking mommy to pray yesterday for everything mommy was doing wrong….I told him to pray for me silently 🙂 He was really struggling with sissy and with obedience and well everything.  When daddy got home from work, he sweetly took the kiddies to the pool (and they were great for him!)…and mommy took the antibiotics I just got from the hospital, layed down and rested and prayed.

My heart was full of prayers…things I was concerned about…but particularly for Lewis.  I prayed for salvation to come quickly for him, so he could begin to know who Jesus is and to have an intimate relationship with him.  I was thinking that the usual age for kids to begin to understand and possibly accept salvation was around 5, so I knew that I would be praying and teaching for some time before things clicked.  But, the Lord put it on my heart powerfully to pray in that moment.  I prayed with confidence…

Lewis has always shown a real depth of understanding of what we teach him about Jesus.  He often surprises us with information we haven’t taught him.  We talk to him often, in very basic terms, about how we make wrong choices and Jesus came to die for our sins because He loves us and that He can help us make right choices and that if we believe that Jesus is our Saviour, we can have eternal life (go to heaven to be with Jesus forever) if we ask Him to be our very own Saviour.   We talk to him about how God’s standard is so very high…and we will never be able to reach it on our own.  We don’t want to lower the standard for him to be able to attain it, but we don’t want him to try to strive on his own either.  We want to teach him how to depend on Jesus.  We are very honest (and working on the polite part with him) about how much we need Jesus.  Most of the time at the end of my teaching moments, when the Lord prompts me to talk about salvation, I tell him that whenever he is ready, he can tell mommy and daddy or whoever he wants that he is ready to ask Jesus to be His Saviour.  He usually tells me ok and and we both move on.

Last night, as Brian put him to bed, he asked for me and he was particularly interested in talking to me about mommy’s mistakes 😦  I used the opportunity to talk to him again about how Jesus is our helper and if we are Christians, we always have him available to help us make right choices.  He was very interested in what a Christian was.  So I talked to him more about that and told him whenever he was ready, he could ask Jesus at any time to be His Saviour to help him all the time too.  He paused, I got ready to get up and say goodnight, and he said, “Mommy, I want Jesus to be my Saviour.”  I asked him a few questions to see if he really understood.  He did.  I went to get Brian, and as Brian came in the door, Lewis shouted to daddy, “Daddy, I want to ask Jesus to be my Saviour!”  Daddy asked him what that meant.  He replied, “Jesus is going to come into my heart.”  We asked a few more, and were surprised at his answers to our questions, his level of understanding, and his desire for salvation.  He asked us to pray for him (he is shy about praying sometimes, and othertimes, not so shy!).  He was very happy and snug in his little bed as we said goodnight.  I told him that all the angels in heaven were rejoicing for him!  He was very happy about that 🙂

This morning we had a donut breakfast (with a little eggs), and had a Kingdom party.  We wore crowns on our heads (Burger King hats 😉 ), and put a flowing carpet (pillows and blankets) leading to Lewis’ chair.  We put balloons on his bedroom door and all around the table to celebrate.  Brian and I posted “The Kingdom of Heaven” on the wall so he would see it as he came down the stairs to his royal scene.  We told him he was a prince in the Kingdom of Heaven, and made a “Book of Life” with his name written in it and another card that talked about the decision he had made and it had the angels rejoicing on it for him.  We had pillows he could hop on (from strength to strength)…and he really enjoyed hopping on them.  He insisted daddy hop too 🙂

It was a really fun celebration.  It was so interesting to me the timing that God had chosen for this moment in his life.  I am rejoicing that He will begin to know Jesus in a different way now…with the Holy Spirit working within him to teach him…I am excited to see what that will look like in his life at his age.

We love you buddy and are so very excited for you to know Jesus as your very own Saviour.  We love your passion!  And your love of Jesus!

One thought on “A night to remember for a lifetime!!!

  1. Oh Dawn! I am crying tears of joy right now! I am so proud of Lewis! What a mature young man! The Lord has led him to a new level in His walk toward spiritual maturity. What an incredibly exciting moment! I am so proud of him, as if he was my own. 😉 I know the Lord is beaming and the angels are celebrating in heaven. Oh what a glorious day! Great job, mom and dad. You both have a lot to be proud of for rearing your kids in His light and guiding them towards salvation. Well done! Praise the Lord!! 🙂

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