A heroic boy

A dependable and heroic little one

Today, as Brian left for the field, the hero in my son came out again as I depended on him for help and obedience.  I had to run some errands off post, and it was the first time I took the kids shopping off post by myself since we have been here.  It is so far and so hard on the kiddies, so it is never enticing to me to go….but we went today and Lewis held Hannah’s hand everywhere (when we had to walk), moving through crowds of people and when Hannah could not go any further, he held my purse (which broke on the trip) and I carried her the rest of the way.  Hannah was such a trooper staying right by mommy as I ordered food, and held buddy’s hand and followed him wherever he went.  Lewis was such a good big brother, telling Hannah where to sit and where not to go and holding her hand so tightly as to not lose her.  People smiled at them as we walked by.

I was overwhelmed, but grateful to get some needed items and to have something to do on our toughest day of saying goodbye to daddy around field time.  God is helping me finish projects in the home that have been on my heart for awhile, and helping me make our home to be a place of beauty, peace, love, comfort, and rest.  That is my hope that it can be that to all who enter.  Decorating has never been my forte…but it is amazing how much I have had the opportunity to learn from the wonderful home decorators here on post that I have come to know.  Thanks to all of you amazingly gifted ladies for helping me know my taste and bring beauty to my home 🙂

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