God the Father and Mother and so much more…

It has been a tough few weeks in parenting.  I had sought the Lord’s guidance many times and still had obstacles I couldn’t overcome.  I made many mistakes and was unsure of what the real heart issues were behind the behavior….Brian and I talked about each and every area that was concerning to me about the kids…individually and how they are doing together…what a comfort he is to me!  He helps me understand them (and myself) and I feel so blessed to have such a great partner in parenting!!!  The kids have always filled him up…and there have been moments of course…but I love his heart for children and parenting.  It truly is our most wonderful joy and blessing together.

The Lord has shown me something that has been a challenge for me for quite some time…which things do I let go and which things do I address?  This is not a challenge for me when they are mostly being good listeners!  But, when I see so many things that are not pleasing or good…..I get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.  God showed me how He parents me.  He showed me which things He has pressed upon me, which things He has focused on with me over time, and showed me a lot of things He let go too.  I prayed that the Lord would show me which things needed to be immediately addressed, which things needed to be gently addressed over time, and which things to altogether let go (and give to Him).  And then I asked Him to give me His love for my sweet children and wholehearted satisfaction with where they are right nowHelp me see them as amazing kids all the time, Lord.  This is my desire.  I know He will show me what to do.  I don’t want to overwhelm my littles ones and that is just what I am probably doing lately.  Give me your expectations for them, Jesus, so that my expectations are your expectations…because you know exactly what they are capable of doing and when 🙂

I am praising God that He is a Father and Mother and so much more…and He is our ready help in parenting.  I am excited to find my peace in Him and rely on Him even more in parenting.

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