God’s loving comfort

I am sitting here tonight on what normally is one of the saddest days for me of the month…the day Brian starts the next field rotation…but feeling so encouraged by the Lord….Brian was such an incredible helper to me all last week.  He took the kids so often to the pool and playground throughout the week for me to rest and at the end of the week, for me to catch up on all the work I didn’t do while I was resting and getting better.  God provided for me so much through my husband.  He healed my body while I rested and gave me peace knowing the kids were being so well taken care of by their daddy.  I had so much time to think and pray and reflect.  He gave me the assurance of our son’s salvation…wow!!!…wasn’t expecting that one at all….and during a tough few days that followed for us, he provided much comfort and help from friends, and from His Word.  We are putting our hope in His Word, His Love, His Comfort, His Mercy, and His Promise of Blessings.  We are resting and trusting in Him.

As I watched my littles play together today, they were so (unusually) filled with love for each other.  It was like my dream of them playing out before my eyes.  How I wish they would treat each other, love on each other, speak to each other, help each other, cherish each other.  It was everything I hope for them.  More of His Comfort….  It actually had been a tough week of sibling rivalry and disobedience!  I was really helpless to do all I wanted to do to help them get along better last week.  I am so thankful for God to help me SEE the fruit that is there…and is to come more often in the future hopefully 😉

The kids had fun shopping, slept so well when we got home, and were so fun to play with this evening together.  And then a sweet phone call from the hubby to top the day off as a wonderful day of comfort and love.  I couldn’t ask for more.  He really is everything wonderful.

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