Persecution-A sacrifice of love for the Lord.

I have to grow in my love for the Lord to be willing to be persecuted for Him.  I have to be secure in myself…I must be whole in my relationship with the Lord and certain of His love for me, His goodness, and His good plans for me.  I have to begin to be transformed into His likeness-to learn to love like Him, to be burdened by the things that burden Him, to think like Him, to live like Him.  I have to really love Him to allow persecution into my life.

Brian and I were talking about Afghanistan tonight.  We were talking about the persecution the Christians must be suffering there as their government has proclaimed that there are no more Christians or Jews in Afghanistan.  I started to ponder what life is like for the Christians that are still there.  Would they openly confess and be martyred?  What would God’s calling for their lives look like?  Would some be called to be an underground evangelist?  Would some be called to be martyrs?  Or, would some recant their faith out of fear?  How would God’s mercy play out in their lives based on the level of persecution each of them go through?  So many thoughts flooded my head.

And then my thoughts turned to my own faith.  How easily I am still offended.  If God counted our sins against Him, who would stand?  Why do I remember?  What if people were torturing me for my faith?  Would I be brave?  How silly my thoughts seem to me tonight.  How silly my concerns.  I want to have a faith that allows me to love a people who don’t love me.  I want to be offended, but not remember the offenses…to love through them and allow God to change hearts from it.

I pray that my love for the Lord grows, and my concern for myself diminishes…so I can learn to love like Him…and not remember the offenses.  Blot them from my memory, sweet Jesus, and help me suffer for you…let thy Kingdom come.  No one wants to be persecuted.  But, I pray that if I am, I suffer joyfully for the Lord….that I carry my cross, whatever it might be, with joy and certainty of how beautiful eternity will be.  God is giving me little right now to be faithful in…very little…but I pray that I can be faithful, so that He can entrust me with much someday.  I want to be faithful.  I want to bring Him glory.  I want to proclaim His wonders and His love to the ends of the earth.  But, for now, I must be faithful with little.  I praise you Lord, that you would entrust me with anything to bring glory to you.

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