Crazy PWOC morning ;-)

The other morning was simply chaotic in this household!  It was PWOC morning…I was excited to get there to hear my sweet friend, Deborah, do her Titus II talk.  She had prepared so much for it and I told her I would be there in the front row encouraging her on.  But, as the morning unfolded, I was doubting I would even be able to make it there.  The kids had alternately been waking up very early each morning, while Brian was in the field, making that quiet time very challenging…and that morning, we had our friend’s sweet dog Bella (we wish she was our dog, she was so wonderful!).

I didn’t have time to get things ready before they woke up.  I was trying to finish up a project I was doing on the computer that I had stayed up until midnight the night before working on…and in a moment, lost everything…even after I managed to get a $40 discount from the company on the phone.  There was a knock in the door…it was the repair man (for all the things that had broken…)…Bella started barking like crazy (like a good little guard doggie)…the kids were squealing and shouting “no Bella!”…I opened the door, put Bella in her sleeping area, closed the gate, and tried to tell the man what needed fixing…the kids opened the gate, and Bella went barking after the man…I put Bella back in the cage and explained to the kids to not open it again.  I realized my project was lost and sadly continued the saga of trying to get out of the door to make it on time.  I fed the kids breakfast at the snack table (big mistake!)….and they must have had frogs in their tushies…because they could not stay seated.  Yogurt went flying all over the floor, and all over their clothes (that I just managed to get on)…and they snuck back over to barking Bella’s cage to let her out again…out went Bella to go after the repair man….I put her back…and then tried to wash dishes…but couldn’t because the repair man’s stuff was covering the sink…and tried to change the kids clothes again…the kids managed to escape, ran over to get Bella again, but this time I CAUGHT them!  Haha!  I tackled them over the living room carpet…Lewis and I banged heads pretty hard…Lewis is saying “sorry Mommy, so sorry”…and Hannah joins in on the fun, hits my head with her head…and then my nose…and then busts my lip…I am laying on the carpet at this point in pain with both kids crying from their pain.  The repair man is now finished and looks at me and the kids lying there with a sweet, compassionate look, and says “Everything fixed ma’am.”  I say, “thank-you so much.”

Somehow, after he left, Bella calmed down, the kids and I got ready and even though we were 40 minutes late or so, we still made it on time for my sweet friend’s awesome speech on Olive Trees and Olive Shoots and childrearing 🙂

Somehow, He makes everything work out, doesn’t He?  He gave me His peace amidst chaos…and a sense of humor too 🙂

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