How to live in Grace…

I heard an incredible sermon today from our church at  Check out their website and learn how to live in God’s grace!

God’s grace is unfathomable to us.  But, I learned, that to live in His grace, I have to live in Christ’s atonement…confess my sins daily, and God will trade my sin for His righteousness.  This is grace: that God sent His son to die for our sins, so that we could spend eternity in heaven…and live in freedom from sin on earth!  Christ’s atonement lets the old die and the new to come.  And the only way this can happen is if we confess our sin–God will pinpoint it because He loves us and is jealous for our love and hearts—and because He wants us to confess it to Him, and allow Him to deliver us from it…and instead live in His righteousness.  I love this.  This releases much guilt and lets me live in Christ.

Lately, God has poured out His Grace to us.  He has sold our car for us…off a silly sign I made with the kids and posted in the window.  He made it so easy for us.  We will be depending on His grace to learn to live off of one car now!  I’m really looking forward to it actually.  I like learning to live simply.  I like learning to live in community.

He has allowed us to open our home for fellowship and we are most excited to study God’s Word with the body and get to know each other.

He showed me His standard of humility…he gave me a whole sermon on it!  He wants us to be dignified, but considering others as more significant than ourselves, He wants us to have hearts of servants, and He wants us to know that equality with Him is not something that should be desired or grasped (in power, understanding, wisdom, etc).  Jesus is our example of perfect humility as God Himself.  We can be used by Him because He loves us so much.

He gave me such wonderful fruit in my son.  On a day of frustration a few days ago, with backsliding in potty training with Lew…total backsliding for the past two weeks…I was not happy with him (he’s almost four and was almost totally there…), and just as I was taking a “mommy timeout,” Lew came up to me and said, “Mommy, I see Jesus in you.”  It is in these moments that grace propels me forward.  The other day, Lew told me I was a gift to him from God.  And today He told daddy that He really wanted to share daddy with another child who doesn’t have a daddy.  He often talks to us about this.  I am in awe of God working through Lewis.  His salvation is apparent to us now.  He has a heart burdened for the poor, suffering, and orphans.  He propels me forward, teaching me to keep laboring in the Lord and to not grow weary.  I could not be more thankful for Lewis’ passion and heart for the Lord.

Lord, keep me burdened….keep me laboring…help me not grow weary.  Help me learn to live in your Grace every day.


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