His voice.

I have long felt God’s presence and voice to me…even when I was a little child and didn’t know Him….when I became saved at 20, a lot of things all came together for me.  Having unity with the Lord is joy beyond measure.  But, when God’s Spirit is subtle or not present, my heart longs, hungers, and falters.  I’m so thankful to feel His presence with me.  But, I never want to take advantage of His voice to me.  What a gift it is.  A true gift from Heaven.  It is what brings so much joy and clarity in my life and I am rejoicing in God’s voice to all His children today!!!

When His Spirit is so subtle, I know to have FAITH.  When His Spirit feels absent…I know to confess…and have faith!  And keep seeking with all my heart, soul, strength and mind.  Praise the Lord as our wonderful Counselor!

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