Hannah banana is 2!

Sissy Hannah Boo is 2!

Doesn’t she look a bit like an angel in this photo?  As I stare at it tonight, I see the little princess God gave us with much Grace….all the prayers He so faithfully answered.  Hannah in particular, I prayed over during pregnancy.  Lewis came 7 weeks early, so I was really trusting and praying to the Lord for Hannah.  He promised me a term baby and I claimed that promise…every time I was tempted to doubt, He encouraged me to keep believing and keep serving until she came.  I did…and she came after the bible study and after the sweet baby shower the ladies planned for me…right after!

God provided help during my bed rest for her-on the spot help for a week straight, a wonderful Korean mom, who volunteered her time to live with us…and who didn’t speak any English 😉 .  Brian was in the field…and I was supposed to be on bed rest in the hospital…but there wasn’t any feasible option for Lewis, so I had to go home.  And home this amazing Korean woman came with me…the mom of a sweet young Korean medical assistant that helped us regulary in the hospital.  She volunteered her mom immediately…and her mom said yes!  I couldn’t believe it.  We had a blast spending time with each other…I tried so hard to be on best rest.  A friendship blossomed with them and we shall never forget them.  God provided so many faith builders during this time for me.  It was incredible.  God performed so many miracles for me and my friends.  I will never forget them.  They radically changed my faith…and I was to never be the same person again.  Hannah was God’s “favored grace” to us from the moment she came into our lives.

I did a pregnancy prayer journal during my pregnancy with her…God pushed me closer to Him in prayer.  I prayed over every part and aspect of her!  And that is what I remember when I look at her…I see in this picture, God’s beautiful handiwork in her.  I cannot believe what an amazing job He did!  Her beauty captures my heart every day…and her beautiful, sweet, and graceful spirit even more.

Hannah is so full of sweetness, joy, and life!  She hugs us often and likes to lean sweetly into our faces and speak so softly the things she wants us to hear.  We cannot help but stop whatever we are doing to listen to her angelic little voice.  She brings grace to our lives in so many ways.  She teaches all of us to be so gentle and loving.  She has been the most perfect playmate for Lewis.  They are like peas and carrots…and always have been.  There have been moments of intense sibling rivalry…but they cannot live without each other for long.  They are both really coming into their own now…and loving being around each other, sharing, and seeking to help and love each other even more deeply.  I think they are a match made in heaven.

Next to buddy, Daddy is a favorite too!  She loves daddy’s teddy bear hugs and loves to “see buddy” and “see daddy” first thing in the morning.  She, like Lewis, always likes us to all be together all the time.  She loves to softly hum and suck those two fingers at the same time.  She loves to dance when she hears music.  And tonight, when I asked what song she wanted me to sing…she said “Jesus.”  So, I sang a Christmas song.  These are the ones mommy knows the best 🙂

Hannah is running now!  And her foot is only slightly noticeably off.  I learned about God’s healing and provision during the time when Hannah was catching up developmentally and with her foot as well.  She still has 4 more teeth to come in, so I think she just might have been a late bloomer, but God never ceases to amaze me with how He teaches little ones things before they even come to know Him.  We are thankful for the continued provision with her foot.

This second year has been so much easier than the first colicky year.  I learned so much as a mommy of a colicky baby.  I am so thankful to know what Hannah wants now and how to help her and love her in more ways than before.  She is independent and very clever.  She still has lots of moments of fussiness, but I love her sweet, sensitive spirit.

I wanted to have a girl so much after buddy…I cannot imagine my life without her.  I am so thankful for my lovely little princess who never ceases to bring me joy, teach me, love me, and help me see how much He loves me.  I can never doubt that when I look into her beautiful baby blues.  He loves so deeply, so extravagantly.

Happy Birthday # 2 little princess.  We love you and are so thankful for you, our lovely gift of God’s grace.

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