A Calling to Holiness…

I hear God impressing to me the importance of cleansing and holiness right now.  He calls us to be Holy, to be set apart for Him.  I am excited to learn from Him what that journey to Holiness looks like.  What it means to me right now is to feel sorrow for my sins, to confess, to repent, and to seek Him more and to be cleansed from my sin.  I am learning How to live in His Grace daily by doing this process continually and thereby allowing the righteousness of Jesus to cover my sins.  I am hearing God’s voice to me about this from the awesome series called “Turn or Burn” from our church at highdesertchurch.com, from a Returning to Holiness book a friend gave me, and a study I’ll be doing at PWOC called “The Pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges.  I hope to rely on HIM to make me holy and not any set of rules or performance-based ideas to be holy.  I want to learn to surrender all and to take captive all my thoughts to Him on a daily basis.  I know He will not disappoint.  He never does 🙂

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