Joy in Jesus

Today was a day for me to press into the Father and receive my joy from Him.  It has been a tough few days in obedience with the children and there were quite a few things I needed to do and places to be…it seems to happen a lot with daddy in the field…BUT, I am seeing God as their Father and God as my husband and it is so awesome to know Him in these ways!  The Lord teaches them so sweetly, through stories (a lot of the stories in homeschooling lately have been about obedience 😉 ), through grace, through love.  He is teaching me to mother His way and I love that.  He is teaching me to pray to Him for everything and to depend on Him as my strong tower and ever present counselor.  There were so many moments today that could have really gotten to me…but I wanted to choose to obey and receive my joy from Him.  I knew the moments would each pass…some quickly and some slowly…and I knew He would deliver me and show me what was needed in those moments.  I paced myself and turned to Him often throughout the day.  He gave me His joy!  What a beautiful thing.  Sometimes, it is a face He gives me that is brimming full of smiles, but for today, it was a gentleness and love in many difficult moments.  And the obedience that came in each moment brought a deep, satisfying joy to my heart.

He truly is everything and in everything and I am praising Him that I am learning to see Him in new ways every day.

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