Being insignificant…isn’t really all that insignificant :-)

It has been on my heart so many times here to learn to be a servant.  God has put me in many roles to be the encourager, supporter, and builder up of others.  I am supporting and serving, but not really realizing any dreams of my own right now (although God is so sweetly allowing me to walk along the path closer and closer to HIM, which is completely fulfilling and totally satisfying). He is teaching me, though, to serve others and be insignificant.  But….somehow….I was getting lost in really starting to FEEL insignificant.  That is when God showed me this:

I am Chosen (a precious royalty, His prized possession, remember?)

I am Loved (unfailing and unconditional, perfect love)

I am Accepted (Oh, how good it feels to hear those words from Him over and over)

I am Valued (He has a wonderful plan for me and I am so wonderful to Him)

I am Forgiven (all, total, covered in His grace kind of forgiveness)

All of this is based on the precious blood and sacrifice and holiness of His Son, Jesus Christ.

And then, He showed me once again that He most certainly does have great plans for me!  I needed to hear it.

I think, oftentimes, the Enemy likes to make us feel rejected…through so many ways…and when it is difficult to see the big picture…and all the little things start looking like I am not chosen or accepted or valued…that is when faith comes in…and trust in God’s Word over circumstance.

Truly, I am delighting in being a servant.  BUT, although I am learning to be insignificant in the way of knowing I cannot do great things for God, but that my service and gratitude for what He has done for me can flow out in love back to Him (isn’t it fantastic to know we can love Him back?!  That He delights in our love…that we can offer something to Him more precious than sacrifice and deeds…our LOVE, from which comes obedience (true love) and worship amidst all circumstances), I know I am VERY significant to Him…and that each and every seemingly (to the world) little thing I do…isn’t really little at all to Him.  It is all very significant.  He doesn’t see things the way we do.  Every little thing is big to Him when it is done out of love, gratitude, and obedience to Him.  As long as I am being obedient, I am doing EXACTLY what He wants me to be doing…which is VERY significant to Him and to His Kingdom.  He actually created me to be doing exactly what I am doing in obedience to Him!

So, being insignificant in our worldly understanding…isn’t really at all that insignificant….it bears GREAT significance to our King! 🙂

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