Tinklepaugh Family update :-)

So, anyone wondering whether the sweet woman at the pool came to PWOC?  She did!  Despite her faith background…which was strongly opposed to Christ…she came…and was really loved by everyone…it was so wonderful to see the Lord love her and accept her amongst our group.  She mentioned to me that we “really were a sweet group of people!”  She even got a free baking pan!  🙂

So, I suppose it is time for a bit of a Tinklepaugh Family update…I am learning to drive ‘big blue’ pretty well…not going over too many curbs anymore and I haven’t crash the big truck yet…my sweet husband has been a champ on the bike…and the weather shall be getting cooler for him soon 🙂  What a champ he is for us!

Hannah turned 2!  She is really getting out of the baby stage and learning so much I cannot keep up with her.  She loves to be held all the time in my arms…she gives me so many cuddles…of which I could never get enough of.  She LOVES buddy and they are really at the stage where they can have a blast together now!  The past two weeks have been ones in which I have had to intervene a lot…but the past few days have been FULL of grace all around in our family.  I am most thankful for that.  The kids are loving each other more than ever.  I often hear buddy asking sissy, “Do you love me Hannah?”  She usually says “no” with a silly soft voice at first…and as he starts to get frustrated and asks again…she says “yes, love you buddy.”  I think he can really tell that she loves him though…she loves to be with him…and like him….but his love for her is so amazing to me.  He really does have an incredible brother’s heart.  I LOVE HIS HEART!!!

Buddy turns 4 in 2 months (!) and has a great big mind of his own and is coming up with all sorts of concoctions of his own…I cannot leave him unattended for even a few minutes because He is so creative and can really make a huge mess!  He loves to take initiative.  I love that…but boy is it tough to manage right now.  I feel as though I have to keep him hemmed in on every side and have a firm, consistent hand with him.  One day, he is really going to be in charge…faithfully, responsibly, diligently, and  conscientiously in charge of so much.  He is a leader.  He loves to be in charge.  It is so very hard for him to learn to follow directions and stay focused.  Oftentimes, he is singing a song all day long…even while I am talking to him.  But, he is such an incredible helper!  I feel so very blessed to have him as my eldest.  He helps, directs, leads, and counsels me all day long 🙂  And he even feels it encumbant upon himself to give me more hugs and kisses and cuddles when daddy is in the field overnight!  And mind you,  Lewis doesn’t do hugs and kisses…by or for anyone….in fact he “eats” them up!  But, my hero always comes out…at some point…when daddy isn’t around.  I am so thankful for my little hero.  And especially for his most treasured hugs and kisses.  He really is irresistable!

We are supposedly leaving this little “island” in just 3 months or so…but we still don’t have those papers that confirm it…so anything could happen as they say in the Army…we are trusting the Lord in new ways to show us the steps we need to take to get ready for this move.  I have always been a planner, not preferring to stress at the last minute…but God is revealing to me His peace and beckoning me to trust Him more and more with every detail.  Besides the car being sold (completely arranged by the Lord!), there isn’t anything we have done to prepare.  I know God will show us what to do and when…and will make level paths for us…regardless of how things seem at the moment.  I am longing to trust Him in new ways…with closing up every detail here…and preparing the way for us as we move…a 4-5 day journey to Kansas…and then settling into a new community.  I know He will go before us and come up behind us and I am so thankful for that…and to SEE it more clearly this time.  I long to trust  and see Him more and more.  I know He will not fail to disappoint and provide in every way.

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