Simply breathtaking ministry…this is the Lord’s ministry

Check this incredible organization out and what their mission is!  There are many aspects and locations of their ministry, so it is inspiring to hear what the Lord is doing all over the world through the Far East Broadcasting Company.

Their mission is to broadcast Christian radio to every place they are able to reach.  Often times, this is to the poorest of the poor.  Among many aspects of their ministry, they provide radios to people who show a desire to hear the message.  Another neat ministry they have on their website is to teach kids about the Great Commission…to develop missionary hearts 🙂  Brian and I have been so blessed to come across this ministry.  The Lord showed it to us to satisfy a deep longing in our hearts to spread God’s Word to the ends of the earth.  It isn’t feasible or God’s will right now for us to go, but it is always His will for us to give.

Can you believe that all it takes is $30 to pay for one radio?  And one radio could spread God’s word to approx. 25 people?  The testimonies and stories of the people impacted by this ministry are simply breathtaking.

This IS what it is all about.  This is our purpose.  Isn’t it so fulfilling to fulfill our God-given purpose?  To spread His Word through LOVE?

This is how we can best love these beautiful souls right now–to pray and give.  My prayer is for many people to be reached and many to hear the Word and to know how much they are loved…and for many to fall to their knees and confess and receive the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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