The summer has officially gone and the Fall has arrived!

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These are some pictures of our little flock enjoying the last few days of summer and rejoicing in the beginning of fall.

The temperatures are slowly falling and are comfortable to enjoy now.  The people are out and about enjoying the gentle breeze.  The leaves aren’t really changing or falling here in the desert…but I can feel my favorite season arriving…

The fall slowly prepares us for winter.  The cold doesn’t come right away, but there is time to adjust…time to prepare…and time to enjoy the changing of the season.

For our family, we have had lots of adventures at the end of the summer!  We went to see a little bit of daddy’s work environment in the box at an FRG hail and farewell, went to the pumpkin patch at the commissary ;-), was able to decorate the house a bit for fall (for some reason it was upon my heart to begin to decorate the day before fall started this year…I had no idea it was that good of timing!  I realized when fall officially started later that day 🙂 ), went to Legoland and had a blast with friends!, had fun playdates with good friends, finished the last days up at the pool, enjoyed more fruit from our garden and a surprising vine that has grown with morning glories! (I have no idea how they arrived, I did not plant them…), danced to a sweet ballerina cd that my parents sent Hannah, and cooked a lot together on the counter (one of our favorite activities together).

And now fall is here 🙂  I grew up in a home where seasons and holidays were joyously celebrated!  I always look forward to this time of the year.  I am excited for the sweet scents and scenery of the fall, the wonderful meals that will be celebrated together, and the joyous holidays to be enjoyed and remembered…especially, the excitement in my little one’s eyes…

I am celebrating a wonderful summer and a new season in our lives…wondering what is around the corner for our little flock 🙂

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