Giving Thanks :-)

Don’t we serve such an awesome God?  The other day for us was full of events throughout the day…but at some point during the day, the Lord gave me time to clean my home.  I was very thankful to have a clean home.

It brought up a reminder in my head though.  I could tell the Lord was telling me to not get fixated on it…not get too happy about having a clean home.  But, to be thankful for the moments it is clean.  It was a great reminder for me…there are times when everything in my life flows together…no tantrums, everything is nice and orderly, kids are obedient and cheerful, friendships are blossoming, our lives are filled with love for one another…picture perfect.  But, most of the time, it just simply isn’t like that, and the Lord was reminding me that He doesn’t want me to seek perfection.  He just simply wants me to follow Him and LOVE.  I really think that God makes sure that my life isn’t perfect so that I will always rely on HIM.  I am basking in a life walking humbly before the Lord…relying on Him…and loving deeply.  This is my desire.

There is much uncertainty in our lives right now.  We are awaiting several pieces of important news.  The Lord gave me a wonderful devotion the other morning saying, “the secret of following Jesus is showing no concern for the uncertainties that lie ahead.”  I was starting to think too much about the future.  But, He pulled me back…and refocused me on Him.  Doing this always brings peace in the midst of uncertain times.  Everything else fades away and only He remains.

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