The power of a praying parent

I have experienced this power several times with my kids…the power of a praying parent in prayers for healing…and prayers for their future, their hearts, and deliverance.  Lately, I noticed my little boy was really having a tough time.  Really, for about a month now.  There are these phases where I see he just is not himself.  I have begun to notice times of spiritual struggle for him…times of struggle battling the desires in his own heart with what the Lord is asking him to do…and times of struggle with spiritual attack.  I have suspected at times, and lately, I have known that he was under attack.  I was desperate for answers.  What areas do I pray about?  Is there anything I am lacking as a mommy?  I begun to really feel low in my parenting….but, God drew me back to him.  Last night, we had a friend over for our bible study…and she began to quote from something she had read the day before in the Word…about the battle not being against flesh, but against powers and principalities–she said she felt her son was struggling spiritually and she was fighting not him, but the spiritual battle…and she wanted to learn how to help him.  Her words pierced my heart.  This is exactly what I had been experiencing…several occasions here…with Lewis, and especially of recent.  I encouraged her that we ought to pray hard.  They are so little and have little recourse in this spiritual battle.  We, as parents, as a foundation, can teach them often about God’s word, we can pray with them, and we can pray for them.  We can then learn to recognize spiritual attack on them.  We can counter it with more teaching, God’s Word powerfully spoken, and prayer, and we can discipline them according to God’s word, staying calm and gentle, but firm, with lots of boundaries, and with heaps of unconditional love and patience.  As she left, we committed to praying for each other and our sons.

So…I prayed hard last night for her son and mine, with much desperation for deliverance for Lewis…in so many areas of his little heart.  I longed to see his cheerful spirit, brimming full of love for us and for Jesus.  It has been a little while.  This morning, as he woke up, he said to me…”mommy, I know I haven’t been very loving to you in a while…I am very sorry, I’m going to give you lots of hugs and kisses from now on and listen really well.”  My eyes filled with tears and he just hugged me for the longest time.  I knew God had revealed to me what the real struggle was going on and what I could do to help.  And then He answered my cry to Him for deliverance for my sweet child.

Lewis has been back to himself all day today…the incredible child that he is.  I am going to be so very watchful—not just for myself…but for my husband and children too…we will watch and pray so we don’t fall into temptation.

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