Tinklepaugh School of Discipleship

The Lord encouraged me to come up with a mission statement and focus for our homeschooling to turn to in times of fatigue and discouragement.  This is something for Him to focus our family on in schooling—something for us to aim for, to move towards…to pray to achieve over time.  It is so easy to be focused on the wrong things, so the Lord has given us a mission statement in teaching and the discipling of our children…building strong hearts for Jesus…and strong character…

Our Mission for Christ in our Tinklepaugh School of Discipleship:

To Become God’s Message in the Flesh:

“…You shall be Witnesses to Me…” -Acts 1:8

We are seeking for God to make us living witnesses to His Message, defined through our LOVE for Him and others, our strong character reflecting His Heart, and our submission and obedience to His voice.  Everything in our schooling of our children shall reflect His heart, as His children and His spiritual messengers.

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