Mountain Air to Refresh the Soul :-)

Brian and I were so excited to be able to go on a trip to Big Bear this past weekend.  We weren’t entirely sure we would be able to go until the day before, so as we packed, cleaned, and hopped into the car, it hit me…THIS is our trial run for our move!!!  Everything came together beautifully leaving the home (which usually doesn’t happen for us 🙂 )….everything flowed smoothly and each of us helped to get out.  The weekend was perfect.  It was beautiful and we even got sleep at night in the hotel room 🙂  It was very refreshing to all of us.  The kids were amazing too.  I knew that God was telling us, “I will take care of you…and everything is going to come together beautifully at the last moment, if need be.”  He will provide.

We have a word of mouth that we are slotted for school and are to leave in about 2 months…but no orders yet…not even a request for orders!  God had prepped my heart for this…just a year ago, several people were sharing with me their experiences of trusting God in their ‘last minute’ moves…I even witnessed a friend leaving the Army, and as the day came for them to move, they still didn’t have a solidified job, house, school, etc.  I saw the look of faith and trust in her face.  I remembered thinking, “I could never do that!!! Please, God, never have me do that!”  I like to plan, as it reduces perceived stress for me….but, if there is nothing for me to do right now (as I cannot do anything really!), all I can do is wait.  Wait for the time when we can plan and get everything done.  It is actually an unusually peaceful time for us, because we are not stressing about anything…we can’t!  🙂

God has really engrained the importance of waiting here for me…all throughout our time here.  It takes time to learn this quality.  It can only come through many opportunities of having to wait.  I want to wait with no concern of the uncertainties that lie in the future, casting my hope, my faith, my confidence, my trust in Jesus.  My eyes are FIXED on Him.  I know He will provide, no matter what happens.  And what He provides will be exactly what our family needs.

One thought on “Mountain Air to Refresh the Soul :-)

  1. I can’t find your email address but we will be 2 hours away from you when Brian goes to school! We are heading to Ft. Riley in March and it would be great to see you while you guys are in school. We will be there a lot longer than you but either way! I have enjoyed reading your blog and wish I would remember to write as much as or as often as you do! Liz

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