From Purple Mountains Majesty to Amber Waves of Grain

From Purple Mountains Majesty


To Amber Waves of Grain

And so it is official…the orders are in…and we leave in less than 6 weeks.  And although we won’t be traveling by horse and buggy (although that would be a dream come true), we will make our 5 day journey from the high desert in California, with red and purple rugged mountains, to beautiful amber waves of grain.  What a beautiful scenery we will travel through…how diverse and incredible God’s creation is.  We are looking forward to seeing it as we travel through it.

Right now, we are breaking our trip down into several phases.  Phase 1 is to finish up Brian’s last field exercise (yoohoo!) (which is actually the calm before the storm 🙂 ), Phase 2 is to prepare to move (downsize home, finish up food, plan details of move).  Phase 3 will be the week the movers come–saying our goodbyes to our precious friends we’ve come to know here, moving out and moving into a hotel.  Phase 4 will be traveling to Kansas and traveling home to visit family.  And Phase 5 will be settling in to our new home.

There are so many emotions traveling through my mind…sadness to say goodbye, sort of stunned by all the things that need to get done before we leave and when we arrive, and concern for the littles and how all these changes will affect them.  Please pray for God’s love, peace, and grace to surround us as we make this transition to our new home.  HE IS OUR CONSTANT.  HE NEVER CHANGES 🙂


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