Fun Fall Festivities

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How I love the fall!  This month has been very full for us, but full of fun and beautiful memories with which to leave our home here and take with us…we shall treasure them.  This month has given us much joy and has taken us to Big Bear and San Diego.  This month has brought us our long awaited fall weather 🙂  We had fun playdates with our friends Deacon and Kennedy each week, and a fun firetruck demo, with face painting and goodies to eat.  We saw a pumpkin patch on the way back from San Diego and were delighted to stop!  The kids had so much fun picking out pumpkins and enjoying the beautiful rich colors and smells of God’s creation and picking out their special pumpkin 🙂 Hannah thought all of them were “too heavy” 🙂  Lewis’ 4th birthday was more than we could hope for (I hope to write about it soon!), and Halloween was so fun to prepare for and dress the kids up.  They were Mickey and Minnie Mouse 🙂  We carved pumpkins (thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the sweet shirts!  Can you tell that he likes it?) and talked about how lovely it is to get a chance to go around and meet all our neighbors and spread God’s love (when else do you go to all of the homes in your neighborhood in one night?!).  We talked about the importance of being so polite and they were above and beyond both Brian and my expectations…  I had a full day and stayed home and gave out candy and Brian and Mickey and Minnie Mouse walked around for over an hour to meet our neighbors and collect candy.  They had so much fun!!!  It was a fun day to close out a very special month of excitement and joy for our family before we begin to really prepare for our move.  We are learning to live with contentment in plenty and in want.  This month, God lavished his love upon each one of us.  We know hardships and change are coming, so we are soaking it up as He so loving gives it, to prepare our hearts and minds for what may come.

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