Phase 1 is complete!!!!  Brian’s last rotation was really fun and really hands-on for him.  He ended with a wonderful note and good feeling headed into his next endeavor in the Army.  God provided in wonderful ways for the kids and I while Brian was gone quite a few nights in the field and I have LOVED learning to depend on the Lord in new and intimate ways.  His peace was present and it was the best rotation for all of us…yet the busiest and with the most uncertainties.  That is a wonderful work God has done in our hearts!

And so we move on to Phase 2!  Preparation to MOVE!  We received our final orders (with amendments) at the end of last week… 3 1/2 weeks out from leaving, but just as the Lord assured us, everything is going well and on track.  I am learning to trust…more and more.

God has given us a special surprise in the midst of our preparations to move–a precious glimpse into our future…and what may be coming!  We are excited to see how God’s plan unfolds….and to trust in His protection and sovereignty.

This month will be full of preparation and packing.  We have 3 weeks to get it all accomplished.  We have everything we need and HE is most faithful to be our ready aid!  God has shown me that He will make the path for us–He will go before us and make a way and come up behind us and close everything off–the tender goodbyes, the sweet relationships…everything is in His hands.  He is giving us PEACE, WISDOM, and UNITY in all the many things that need to be planned and decided.

He has given us FOCUS for our next Phase–MOVE OUT –and has helped us make decisions in how to handle it.  And He has given us a verse and FOCUS for the next phase after that–VISITS HOME.

Mark 5:19:

“Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you.”

His mercy has been unfathomable…his grace and blessings more than we can ever count or imagine.  We can’t wait to see our family and be with them!!!  We are SO excited about this part of our journey to Kansas!!!

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