New precious LIFE!!!

Yes it is true, we are having a special surprise coming!  A beautiful gift of new LIFE!!!  I am not entirely sure how far along I am…and am having suspicions that I am further along or that there is a really special surprise waiting for us…but, we shall have to wait to find out.

This baby is a precious gift that we have been longing for, waiting for.  We are so excited for each day we get to spend together.  Lewis has been longing for this little one for even longer than we have!  I think he is the most excited of all of us.  He asks me every day when he gets to meet the baby and looks at every baby we cross paths with.  Hannah is all of a sudden, during the past month, been very into babies too!  It is so special to me, the timing of all of it.  She has made the most sacrifices for baby lately…she has had to wean…unfortunately just as she had her last two teeth come in…she is such a champ though and she knows it is worth it to have a baby sister 🙂  (This is what she is hoping for!  Buddy is hoping for a baby brother and a baby sister.).

Brian, Lewis, and Hannah have been praying over my belly, as they place their hands so tenderly where baby awaits.  We are resting in His protection and His provision.  It is amazing to me, as I am already seeing so many ways that God is providing and protecting….even as we move.  I am in awe.

We eagerly await his/her arrival!  I am most eager to find out through an ultrasound how far along I really am!  Unfortunately, we are supposed to wait until 12 weeks here to have one…so that means we might have to wait until Kansas to find out!

We are so thankful for this little one and cannot wait for that precious moment to meet for the first time.  It is so special to me that Lewis is old enough now to really share in our wondrous joy of new life!

One thought on “New precious LIFE!!!

  1. I have been waiting for news such as this! Congratulations sweet girl! How I miss your sweet face!!! I wish so badly I could somehow see you and your precious family. Prayers are with you and the little one inside you. I love you!!

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