Tender Goodbyes to Precious Friends…

As we wind down our last few weeks here, we get to spend time with such precious friends…the memories fill my mind…tears fill my eyes…I really don’t like goodbyes.

Today, we got to spend a whole morning with a family God has placed in our lives, who have been so very precious to us–the Seibert Family.  We have gotten to know their 4 beautiful children, shared dreams together of having more children, Africa and adoption…shared trials together and victories.  Melissa has calmed my heart and shown me how to have peace with multiple children, given me faith that we can somehow manage more by God’s grace, and shared the joyous news of new life…and comforted me in times of sadness.  She speaks so comfortably and beautifully and makes everything sound fun!  She has given me precious verses from the Word to speak beauty into my heart.  I shall miss her and her family so deeply.

We are looking forward to spending more time with our precious friends, the Seiberts, the Ferreras, The McVeys, The Secrests, the Laues, the Johnsons, the Morans, the Harts, and my beautiful Prayer Group friends, as well as our bible study friends, PWOC friends, church friends, and more beautiful people God has allowed us to get to know here.  I want to spend as much time with all of them before we leave.  Hannah will miss her sweet friends, Millie, Kennedy and Alyssa and Lewis will dearly miss Deacon, Aiden, Aiyanna, Isaiah, and Shane.

We will miss our babysitters, Kimberly and Auburn so much!!!  We will miss their sweet personalities and their spunk!  They have been such an incredible blessing to us and our children have fallen in love with them.  Kimberly and Auburn have loved them so deeply.  They are irreplaceable and we are so sad to leave them.

Somehow, the Lord will help us say goodbye (hopefully, without being a total mess!) and make a new path for us into a new community.  This, to me, is the hardest part of being in the Army.  Leaving friends and making new ones…and in such a short time oftentimes.  But, I am trusting that God will help us with this.  It took me more than a year to move on from Korea 😦  We are only in school for one year in Kansas, so I know I am going to need help with this one!

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