An offering unto the Lord.

This past late July, one particular day my husband went to the pool and came back telling me a story of a lady he met with the sweetest kids…that they knew the Lord and that he shared with her that I was recently pregnant…and that she informed him we would have twins someday.  I was shocked…and took note of it.  The next few days were filled with people who had twins…who crossed paths with us….I took note of it and treasured it in my heart.  Although, it was a bit too much for me to think about, since I was recently expecting.

A few days later, we returned to the pool, this time with just me and the kids.  It was a beautiful day.  We were about to start our bible study, and so I was keeping my eye open for people that God might have attend our study…waiting for His timing to share, to tell, and ask if people if they’d like to come.  We wanted the Lord to bring them into our paths and fill our home with those He hand picked for our study.

I came across a lovely woman this one day who told me of a heartbreaking story.  She said she had recently lost her husband and son and that God had told her to pack up her things and her other children and head to Fort Irwin.  She didn’t know why.  I was astounded by her faith.  I thought she would be the perfect person to come to our study.  I told her about it…she smiled and didn’t commit either way.  We talked about other things.  She told me she had met my husband and kids just the other day.  I didn’t connect the dots right then….We prayed together, I for her situation, and she for my recent pregnancy.  She placed her hand on me and informed me that I was going to have twins someday.  We parted ways and I wondered if I would ever see her again.

Later that week, we lost our sweet little one.  God pressed me in for comfort…drew me close to His heart…and comforted me and healed me over the next few months.  The next two months, when it was around that time, the subject of twins kept popping up.  I started to seek the Lord in asking Him whether He was encouraging me that we would have more…as the Scriptures I had read that tough day had really encouraged me that we would have more.  It was too much to think about twins at this point.  He was settling it in my heart.

Two months later…our joy became complete in finding out that God was bring forth new life in our family!  My heart immediately began to visit that late July summer day…and the words of that precious woman who I had not seen again….I wondered, “God, was this you?”  I didn’t want to set my heart on anything that wasn’t from the Lord.

This week, God has been speaking to me about overcoming my unbelief and having great FAITH in His promises.  I always feel as though God is taking me to a greater and greater place of faith.  Last time, it was in trusting Hannah to be full term baby, regardless of the things that kept happening.   This time, it is in believing that there are two little ones in there, and that we could possibly raise a family of 4 children under 4.  I know it will only be by God’s GRACE and the seed of FAITH that He has planted in us and keeps growing every day.  I stand amazed…

Out of His mercy (they usually don’t see you until after 12 weeks), God has granted us an ultrasound 2 weeks from now.  We are looking forward to knowing and seeing God’s miracle on that day….and having a peace of mind to know for sure!!!

This flower is a beautiful rose a friend down the street gave Lewis for the new baby.  It is an offering unto the Lord.  We give it to Him, out of our great thanks for His unending love, grace, and mercy to our family.

Lord, help me overcome my unbelief….help me trust in your miracles and your revealed will to your children…help me trust that this miracle might be possible…and that we could possibly raise these children each day with OBEDIENCE, FAITH and JOY!

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