He Speaks…Out of Silence…Our Calling is being Revealed.

He has spoken to me about something I have sought Him for, particularly over the past 2 years.  I have been seeking and longing to know a little more about our family’s calling.  He has been silent for a long time.  But, just yesterday, He spoke to me about it.  He told me, YOU ARE TO BE THE SALT AND LIGHT of the world.

Brian and I had a little conversation about our calling on a date night a few nights before.  We talked about the direction God might have us going.  I hadn’t been open to this particular direction before.  But, that night, my heart unexpectedly warmed up to it.  Brian was delighted 🙂  We prayed that night that God would speak powerfully.  I acknowledged that my heart had changed and I was more open to hear His voice in this area.  I thought I was open before…but as I prayed this time, I could tell, my heart had softened…there was a willingness present that wasn’t there before.  And God spoke immediately and powerfully to my heart.  Tears flowed…as I really hoped His answer would be different….there was more softening to be done in my heart.

The Lord often has told me we have been at a crossroads here.  I thought maybe it was Brian He was speaking to…but it was me.  In the next few months, there will be many decisions that need to be made about our future in the Army and beyond that.  We are seeking the Lord for direction in all of these choices that need to be made.  I have felt lost, not knowing what counsel to give my husband, somewhat saddened that I still hadn’t heard from the Lord about our calling.  We have been praying often…and now He has spoken.  I don’t know a lot about the direction He will have us go.  But, it is going to look very different from where I wanted to go…but somehow, I knew, deep in my heart, THIS was the direction He wanted us to go.  I just didn’t think it could possibly be.  How would I fit in this picture?  I could picture Brian going this path, in fact I have since I first met him, but never myself.  He is showing me and working deeply in my heart.  It will take GREAT FAITH to believe and follow this path in obedience.  But, He has spoken now and so it shall be.

In the words of a friend…”I hope I don’t hate it there!”

One thought on “He Speaks…Out of Silence…Our Calling is being Revealed.

  1. If your coming to Riley! I’ll be here for a few more months! I really miss you Dawn and I am so sorry I have not kept in touch!

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