The Lord has impressed upon my heart His JOY and perseverance.  He tells me to receive JOY from fellowship with Him, obedience to Him, and to draw strength from HIS JOY  (The JOY of the Lord shall be your strength). He draws my attention away from my circumstances–away from the first trimester symptoms, away from the sadness of leaving friends, away from all the things that need to be done in the next few days before we fly to Virginia, away from all the changes that we will all go through–especially the children (they are so excited and have not slept very much at all in the past 2 weeks.  They are waiting, wondering, will I miss the boat to Virginia and Kansas???)…away from tough memories that happened here, away from any fears of what may lie ahead—and HE GIVES ME JOY!!!  He draws me close to Him, shows me to trust Him, to have even GREATER FAITH, to persevere for the JOY that is set before me….

I know unbelievable JOY lies before me and is available to me right now.  I know that God will bring forth blessing from my obedience to have GREAT FAITH.  I am fixing my eyes on Him and my expectation is with Him and Him alone.  Praise the Lord, O My Soul!!!



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