An incredible little Spirit!!!

This little boy really amazes us.  We are in awe at what God is doing in his heart.  The Word is being poured into him through a variety of ways and he is soaking it up.  This morning, as he woke up, he came running to me, as he does in the mornings, and we snuggled.  We said a little prayer and then he ran off to daddy to snuggle some more as daddy was waking up from a long night of reading 🙂  He beckoned daddy out of bed, and then made the bed for us (I have never asked him to do this!), then he did his good morning pee pee all by himself, helped daddy get himself dressed, helped daddy make breakfast and waited for us to get ourselves ready, while he played hiding games stuck in small corners with Hannah practically on top of him 🙂  As he was leaving the house with daddy, he asked daddy if he had his backpack ready.  His face was lit up: bright eyed and bushy-tailed.  I told him he was a true light to our family and that already, God is using him…even to be a light to mommy and daddy and Hannah.  He thought this was pretty neat.  At church, we were told he was a great joy for them to have, and that he was very gifted and a great helper.  As we were leaving, he was stroking a little toddler girl’s hair to show her love, just like he does with Hannah.  All of these tidbits of his love and helpfulness are little treasures in my heart.  They are building up this mommy’s heart and help beckon me toward envisioning our family as a family of 5.

God is working so powerfully through and in this little one!  I love to see God’s Word penetrate my children’s hearts, to see prayer transform them, to see them be a LIGHT to their own family and others.  This truly is my greatest joy.  It does make everything worth it 🙂  This is my greatest calling–THIS is what fills me up.

I am very proud of this incredible little boy.  And so thankful for God’s unending love, grace, and patience with all of us.

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