I am just the instrument: my Soul magnifies the Lord.

“I am just the instrument.”  God is playing the song, and my job is to take that song and Him through me, to magnify, to make it big to the world.  I’m not really doing it.  I’m just allowing myself to be used so Christ is magnified and made big.”             – Pastor Nick Lillo


In every moment, in every way, as a follower of Christ, I am called to magnify the Lord….He plays the song, and although many times, I may not understand the entirety of the song He is playing, I am called to be used by Him…to allow my life to MAGNIFY the Lord…to make Him BIG.  He is big, and it amazes me that I can be used to demonstrate the glory and truth of His Word and who He is through my obedience to Him in every day life.  I magnify the Lord through my joyful obedience.  I magnify the Lord through my enjoyment of who He is.

May my soul magnify the Lord forevermore.

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