Butterfly Kicks and Emma’s Strong Protector :-)

My precious little Emma is giving me lots of butterfly kicks.  They always bring a smile to my face…oh how I love her butterfly kicks 🙂  I love feeling her move and knowing she is indeed doing well.  The other day she kicked me so…and I jumped.

Brian and I both felt led to Emma straight away for this little girl.  We are not entirely sure how we arrived at this name…other than the fact that we prayed and it had been on our minds and we both LOVED it instantaneously…which is not a usual thing for us…it took quite a bit of time for us to name Lewis and Hannah and a little help from the Lord 🙂 .  I have a middle name that is pressed upon my heart…but we are not quite certain on that one yet, so we shall see what Emma’s middle name will be!

One thing I have noticed right away about this pregnancy is that the Lord is really proving to be Emma’s strong protector.   Besides the lingering sickness, there have been NO issues.  And this through a move, my sickness and fatigue, and caring for two littles during the winter months.  We are in awe of Emma’s Strong Protector.

My mind wanders to how things will unfold in the next 5 months.  I am HALF WAY THERE!!!!  What will her special moment of entrance look like?  What moment will she come forward?  Can my womb hold more than 20 inches in there?  🙂  Both my kids were 20 inches, one at 33 weeks and one at 38 1/2 🙂  So many questions pass through my mind.  All of them come to rest on one thing: The Lord as her strong protector…no matter what happens.

We are so excited to have another girl!  Lewis watched the screen carefully as he was SO excited to come to my OB appt. with Brian…he had been really anticipating this moment and had even made a “womb” randomly in a Sunday school class earlier in the week…but as the doctor told us, surprisingly early on at 18 weeks, that she was 98% sure it was a girl from the angle she was given ;-)…he became a little sad that he could not name her “Wookin,” the name he picked for “him” about 18 months ago….thinking it was going to be a “hairy scary bear”…but he does LOVE the name Emma too!  It looks like we have definitely decided on a name if Lewis likes it too!  Today, as I was talking to Lewis about what having two sisters might be like, his eyes lit up as he told me all the things he was going to teach them 🙂 .  Brian and I both thought it was a boy too from how the pregnancy was similar to my pregnancy with Lewis.  So, we are pleasantly surprised and wondering also, what having a boy and two girls will be like.  We can’t wait to welcome this little one into the world.

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