Sanctifying Days.

Standing firm, grounded in Him.  The Word says, “Let nothing move you.

So many things happen each day that are so hard…my little precious Hannah is so tired of being sick and I think she had had enough today.  The whole day was a battle for her.  I know that feeling though when everything seems like a struggle.  After a long morning, the afternoon came and we had to go somewhere.  Putting on the shoes, putting on the socks, putting on the coat, changing the diaper, putting on the clothes…each separately led to a long tantrum and fight.  She looked at me with red, teary eyes and a hoarse voice, with boogies flowing down her nose and said…”mommy, I’m sick.”  As she went out the house, she said “I don’t like this house.”  As she went to the car, she said, “I don’t like this car.”  She fought me to put her in…I breathed a deep sigh of relief once I got that last buckle in.  Lewis, softly said…”she’s having a really tough day mommy.”  We went out of the car…I tried putting her in the stroller, sensing that it was the better option for a hot-headed toddler this day…people gawked at the bare toes, and no jacket (I lost that fight)…she wanted everything in sight everywhere she went…and tears flowed as every “no, I’m sorry Hannah” led to a huge heartbreak.

Last night, Brian and I talked about how tender and sweet she has been…how precious and obedient….and this morning, I woke up to a totally different little girl!  Days like today used to make me really wonder about my kids…how could they be so totally different some days….how could they struggle so much with everything they’ve been taught for so many days…today, however, was different.  I felt the Lord speak to my heart…”Don’t let this move you.  Be tender and compassionate, firm, with boundaries, but don’t let this devastate you or crush your hopes for your sweet little’s girls graceful and loving spirit.”  Despite the weary battle, I knew God would give me relief.  I knew prayer and hope in His answers will shape her heart to be what He wants it to be.  I knew holding my mind steadfast in hoping in Him would help me not lose heart.  It made me sad to see her struggle so much, but my hope was in Him.  I know little Hannah will feel well again…I know God is teaching her something powerful in all of this…and I feel him teaching me too…to stand firm.  One of His greatest blessings to me today was in Lewis.  God is creating a sweet, passionate, tolerant spirit in Lewis towards sissy.  I saw something major change in him today.  I saw more of Christ’s spirit reflected in his forgiveness, tolerance, love, and compassion towards Hannah, even at his expense…and this was the most beautiful blessing for which I could hope.

These are the days where God is producing His fruit in us.  They are tough.  But His spirit shines through and is so strong.  We are grounded in Him.  These are the sanctifying days.

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