Saint Patrick’s Day

Brian is our history buff and has an endless knowledge of impeccable detail of all sorts of things to delight us throughout our days.  He has often been my encyclopedia for many things I don’t know very much about.  The other day, He delighted our hearts with a story about Saint Patrick.  Lewis asked me about it and I looked at Brian.  He told us the story as we ate dinner and our hearts were full with inspiration and encouragement.  Lewis had made a three leaf clover craft with Elaine the other day and as his daddy told him about St. Patrick teaching the Irish about the Trinity through the plentiful harvest of clovers that Ireland had, his eyes lit up!  We thought it was so amazing how St. Patrick taught the Irish about God’s love as a slave…and many were set free as a result (literally and spiritually)…and how creative God was through St. Patty to teach the Irish through a plant that was growing all around them.

God speaks to us in ways we can understand…although many of His ways, we cannot…He teaches us what we need to know, exactly the way we need…He knows how best we learn…He’s been watching and teaching since our First Breath…and even long before that.  He’s so intimate.  He’s so creative.  He reaches out to us in the Farthest Places of our hearts…in as many ways as fathomable.  He’s all encompassing.  And His love never ends.

I loved hearing about St. Patty and how he gave up his rights, trusted God, and taught about God’s love despite and through his circumstance.  God used his obedience to bring salvation to MANY hearts.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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