My little instruments of refinement :-)

Loving this refinement!
Loving these instruments!

My kids have really been my instruments of refinement here so far…they are pressing me constantly into the unknown in parenting…and occasionally way past my limits.  As I ran to the Lord the other day when they had completely exhausted my resources and mental energy…He told me 3 things:

1)  Do not try to problem solve every situation…some situations are beyond your ability to understand.

2) Run to me for quiet times interspersed throughout your day and in moments of distress.

3) The circumstance may be past your ability in the moment, but seek ME and Focus on how I want you to RESPOND….your response doesn’t have to be by the book…just pleasing to ME…

Last week I felt better than I have felt this whole pregnancy (thank goodness)!  It was amazing to feel “normal” again.  Over the weekend, the sickness came back and today it was terrible…but in just 4 months, the most beautiful little gift will be in my arms…and she will be totally worth it…and THIS refinement…I am learning to really LOVE.  Being pushed to consistently seek HIM…letting go of my knowledge and will…and letting HIM guide me into new territory…I had a terrible day in responding to one of my littles the other week…but today, God gave me victory in trusting HIM…even on a day when I felt worse than I have yet.  It is so beyond me…and as I learn to let go and focus on Him, He enables me to pave new ground that has been impossible for me before.  Anything IS wonderful with Jesus!  Even refinement 🙂

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