His Preparation for Her…

We have just 3 months to go now until Emma Faith is in our arms!!!  I get so excited to see all the ways the Lord has prepared our family for her already.  Lately, though, I am feeling a bit anxious!  ONLY 3 more months to go!  I have so much to do…  (At least I think I do 😉 )  The nesting is really starting for me now.

I have loved feeling her kicks, sitting down with the Lord to pray over her through a sweet pregnancy prayer/journal book, seeing Him grow my faith, hearing Him reassure me that He made my womb so strong and resilient, feeling Him grow her inside me, seeing His blessing to us over her name.  It’s so intimate.  The other day though, I was in Sunday School class, with a recent sinus cold (which came right after I took my last antibiotic pill, of round 3 from bladder infections throughout this pregnancy)…my tummy feeling a bit sick, pressure in my head, and my belly really starting to feel a bit more weighty now.  I can feel her growing bigger now each week 🙂  A sweet older man came up to me, asking me how I was feeling.  I think He could tell from my eyes how I was feeling…He looked at me sweetly and said, “do you know you are part of a miracle?”  These words have been echoed often to me with Emma.  I looked at Him and said, “thank-you for saying that to me today.”  I needed to hear it.

In these next 3 months, our prayers are for the Lord to prepare our hearts and home to His desire before her arrival.  We are praying for a joyful, peaceful, and faithful spirit for this little one.  We are very excited to meet her and are SO thankful for this precious little miracle to be in our arms.  I cannot believe I get to be part of His miracle of life.  I feel so oblivious really to everything He is doing to prepare her for life.  And oblivious to everything He is doing in us too.  The only thing I can really focus on is His day-to-day voice to me of what to do to prepare.  There is so much I haven’t done…but I am seeking Him in each thing I want to do , to make sure it really is something He wants me to spend my limited energy doing right now.

We are all wondering what she will look like, be like, and how she will fit into our family.  What dynamic will she add to the Tinklepaugh flock?  We know He’s created her perfectly for us and we are so excited to see His wonderful creation…to see what He has chosen for our family.  There’s so much excitement in the air!!!

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