His nature to Bless: 7 beautiful years!!!

The other week, Brian and I celebrated 7 beautiful years together!!!  It was a wonderful date at a Korean restaurant nearby.  Our sweet babysitter, Grace, watched the kids and they had a wonderful time.  We talked a lot about the things that were heavy on our minds and ate yummy spicy food 🙂 .  We really enjoyed our time together.  Afterwards, I realized how much our communication with each other has grown and blossomed.  We both listened attentively as we each talked.  We were sympathetic, loving, encouraging, and comforting to each other.  Our season right now isn’t easy, but our marriage is growing so beautifully, as we serve each other unselfishly, comfort each other, love each other, unite together, and press into the Lord deeply.  We are so thankful for God’s blessing and protection over our marriage.

The Lord has shown me so many times that it is in His nature to BLESS.  He is waiting to Bless!  I can miss out on those blessings sometimes, when I choose to not accept His blessing, be thankful, or conform my thoughts and attitudes to Him…when I am so focused on the burdens of my heart, my own agenda, or my own desire to seek my own comfort, rather than being still and receiving His blessings, provision, and comfort.

That’s so peculiar to me…that I would miss out on His blessings just because I don’t want to be still and receive.  Quite ridiculous, I think!

He’s pouring out His blessings to us and we are receiving all the many ways He loves to bless.  And we are enjoying the sweetness of our marriage right now.

We are learning each other much more deeply now and growing together as a beautiful unit.  It’s funny to me when two come to be married—people often ask “are you ready for this?”  As I look back, I sense that we surely weren’t ready, and we really only knew a little bit about each other, but what we knew we LOVED, and we sought the Lord’s blessing, and He said “yes.”  That’s all it took.  He made us perfect for each other–to perfectly love each other through Him, to perfectly refine each other through Him, and to come together in unity as one to serve God fully.  As we come to know each other more, we see God’s beautiful design for us in our marriage…how we were meant for one another.

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