Seasons of God

We were graced with an incredible conference this past weekend by Richard Blackaby, Henry Blackaby’s son about the book he wrote, The Seasons of God.  The Lord spoke to us through him about a variety of different areas…and as Dr. Blackaby said, “this is not supposed to be enjoyable.”  It wasn’t.  But it was purposeful.

Brian and I sensed our season right now is summer.  Dr. Blackaby explained his definition of summer as a ‘time of work.’  He said, “When the heat comes and the exhaustion sets in, this is time to not give up!  It means the harvest is coming soon.”  This echoed in my heart so many times the past few days.  I woke up this morning, and felt the exhaustion all the way to the bone…and I still have 3 more months to go.  I sensed an important part in persevering until harvest is knowing when to rest.  Today was a day of rest for me.  I love these days when I am still and let God take charge of all the details of my life.  When He tells me to rest, and I do, everything is taken care of.  This was a beautiful day for me like that.  To watch the Lord provide, to see all that He is doing, to come to Him for rest and restoration.

We are sowing many seeds right now and are learning to be patient for the fruit…hoping, waiting, persevering for harvest!

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